Professional Wood Carving Tools

Another consideration is the shape and comfort of the handle. For example, the Swiss Made Pfeil gouges have flat faces on the handle, which aid in gripping, and help prevent the gouge rolling off your workbench. These tools are nice to have, but I worked for years without them. I just had to pay more to have my wood supplier mill the boards when I purchased them. The band saw is the woodcarver’s most often used large power tool.

We love the idea of making a wooden spoon just like this simple one that Noahwwill show you how to do. Are you a little more experienced with whittling but still looking for something very simple and quick to do that might help you teach someone new about the skill? Then try this 3-minute owl from Whittling With Will! Question in regards to the wood…specifically for the spoons….is green wood always used or can I use any wood I find. ie…from the lumber yard or wood that’s been sitting around for awhile and dried.

Carving A Eagle Feather

Always make your cuts along the grain instead of working against it. Cutting up against the grain will cause the wood to splinter.Examine the wood and find the long, parallel lines running through it. These lines may or may not run parallel to the sides of the board, and they will be somewhat wavy instead of rigidly straight. As a general rule, the wood you use should be somewhat soft.

I’m not a fan of electric tools, I always stick to hand tools. Bent and spoon gouges are specialty tools that make it easier to reach certain areas of the wood carving. They aren’t always necessary, but they’ll be good to have if you get serious about the hobby. And believe us when we tell you that small pieces of wood carving can be very difficult to handle and do.

Chip Carving Designs

I would highly recommend getting basswood as it is the softest one. Among the choices provided on the market, I usually go with BeaverCraft Wood Blocks. They provide 10 wood blocks of various sizes for a good price. Moreover, they often have deals for their products. These days it’s easy to get stuck with lots of coronavirus news. Lockdown makes us get adjusted to the new way of living.

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