Best Wood Carving Set For All Wood

Best Wood Carving Set For All Wood

Bigfoot Carving Tools is committed to serving & assisting you during this difficult time. We are a small family-owned business, and are very grateful for your loyal support. We are continuing to ship all orders placed online or by telephone as quickly as possible. Carving knives have also carved out a niche for themselves when it comes to creating rounded objects.

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Lastly, its blades are razor sharp to ensure more precise cutting outcomes. You can buy these in different types of angles, most commonly with 30 or 45-degree blades. These small tools may not be able to handle certain larger projects. A straight chisel, #9 gouge, V-parting tool, and other gouges. The knife is 9 inches long and the blade is about 2.4 inches long.

A high-quality hardened wooden handle wraps up the list of the features that make this tool to stand out. Being hardened, it is strong enough to withstand the heaviest impacts not to mention yielding years of reliable services. Accompanying this tool are some four different whetstones which are used for sharpening the blades and other cutting portions of the tool. They expedite the maintenance of the tool as they minimize the wastage of time.

While the length of handles doesn’t prevent you from experiencing accidental cuts, it’s important to consider your safety during woodwork projects. Since the sharpness of carbon-steel blades determines the quality of your woodwork project, it’s important to cover these blades with their sheaths. Apart from amateurs, professional woodworkers can control any of these cutting knives and palm tools easily. Don’t expect to see razor-sharp blades when using these tools for the first time, except you use a stone sharpener.

While you can achieve a decent level of smoothness with a fine chisel, many people use the chisel because they’re looking for a blockier, rough-cut look. Beyond the type of cuts that you’re making, you also have to consider the hardness of the wood when you’re making the selection between these two.

After laying tools out on my bench I knew how far apart to space the half rounds for holding the handles in place. I made the frame for the top tray and strips for the bottom tool carving set holders and clamped them together and drilled 1” holes for handles to fit into between the two strips. Some of the tools you require are straight chisel and straight gouge.

Vintage inspired wood spools

wood carvers tool box

If you’re working with very hardwood, you may be forced to make use of a chisel. You could push harder with your hands alone, but that increases the chances of the chisel slipping and causing a problem. The single, large stroke from the mallet tool provides less opportunity for slipping, making it generally the superior choice in these situations. Chisels are what most people think of when they think about wood carving. This category can be further broken down into two subcategories, which are used in different scenarios.

  • Well-packaged in a bamboo box that contains 3 leather sheaths for the hook, Sloyd, and chip-carving knives.
  • The assorted sizes and tips mean that you can use these tools for everything from detailing wood projects to carving.
  • The V-gouges are also handy carving tools, and they are defined by the angle of the bottom edge (vee edge) and the space between top edge tips.
  • These knives have big handles that might not be convenient for users with small hands.
  • The tools feature solid wooden handles and razor-sharp blades that enhance maximum precision.
  • A carving knife is an essential tool that artisans use for tasks like whittling, chipping, and carving letters.

Regardless of your level of skills or experience, tools will always determine the outcome of your carvings. Our wood carving tool reviews below will help you decide what to buy, but it is also vital to keep the following elements in mind when shopping.


The largest works as your bench knife with its long straight edge and strong point. The smaller blade has a curved cutting edge and narrower point and is used as your detailing knife. The third blade has a flat edge with a blunt end and is used for shaving. Which tool set you chose depends on several factors – your budget, your style of carving, your favorite carving woods, and your skill level. The carving knives that you use for whittling are very different from the ones you use for architectural wood accents and still different from the knives used in relief carving.

Each of these laminated steel blades measures 1-1/4 inches, and they are easy to sharpen with the polishing stones. However, the detailing knife is ideal for carving wooden materials that have delicate textures. These tools don’t only increase the experience of woodcarving, but they are versatile. They are heat treated, so that the tools are able to stay sharp for longer than other tools on the market.

Its blades are comparatively stronger than those of the ordinary kinds of tools. This is mainly because they are made of the high carbon instrumental steel which is tough and long-lasting. In all, the carver is made of the high-quality SK5 Carbon steel material.

The hook knife is a curved knife used to create the interiors of spoons and bowls, which is difficult to do with a chisel or a straight knife. Carving knives, not to be confused with the culinary tool of the same name, are the tools you’ll want to go to if you’re looking for an extremely fine finish.


The blade is made from laminated steel so it’s sharp straight out of the box. The best chisel set is going to be appropriate for its designated purpose, for the case of this set it will be for small pieces and delicate cuts. Typically, you might need to hammer a mallet against a chisel to hack away at your project, but for this type of carving all that is necessary is the pressure from your hand. Copyright © 2020 Bigfoot Carving Tools, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

They are mainly used to bore shallow holes on most wooden surfaces. Given their sharp and awesome nature, they save you some great deal of time and effort.