Beaver Craft Large Spoon Carving Knife

Beaver Craft Large Spoon Carving Knife

The best wood for carving is basswood because the grain is hardly an issue with it. You always here to carve with the grain right, otherwise your piece will chip off into bits, and you typically see that a lot with hardwood. Both knives have generously sized birch handles making them easy and comfortable to grip as you work.

Black synthetic belt sheath. Includes razor sharp carving blades – SK305 #3 x 3/8″; SK306 #6 x 5/16″; SK801 #9 x 1.5mm and SK deg. 5 5/8″ overall. 1 5/8″ high carbon steel blade.

Carving The Proper Hook Knife Handle

This made it hard to carve. 5.75″ overall. Wood handle. Consists of straight, curved, skewed, and V-shaped chisels. Comes in vinyl storage case. Hang packaged. Made in the USA. Copyright © Moreover, the width and length of the handle is also important.

  • For a little extra you could go for one of Wood Tools hook knives.
  • Once I had the top face cut out I drew a side view sketch onto the wood as well.
  • This type of design also gives you freedom to create push cards which are very important in maintaining the precision and accuracy of the carve.
  • The most important thing for this is a nonslip handle.
  • Maintaining your tools is a tedious task but absolutely necessary, and it’s best to make a habit of sharpening your knives anyway.

It is also slightly thicker, which will help you maintain the grip on the knife without getting fatigued. The knife is razor sharp and ready to use right out of the spoon carving knife box. On the other hand, the handle of the tool is a full 1-1/4 inches in breadth and 4-½ inches in length. The blade of this knife is made from manganese alloy.

Hand Carved Wooden Spoon

Get some 400, 600, 1500, 3000, 5000 and 7000 grit sheets. You’ll want a flat surface to lay it on for sharpening your Mora 106 and a dowel to wrap it around to sharpen the inside of your hook knife. While carving spoons seems like an ideal “whittling” activity, most people don’t carry a curved blade along with their pocketknife. Shaping a spoon bowl with a straight blade is challenging and time consuming. A gouge works and is a great way to start.

The blade would cost, $225. The bevels are flared out from the tang giving a carver more blade and stronger double beveled edges at a standard of 15 degrees. At your request we can produce more acute bevels.

Ray Iles Whittling Knife

6.5″ overall. 2.25″ carbon steel blade. 7.25″ overall. 3″ carbon steel blade. Low prices on wood carving knives, craft knives, wood handle knives, and whittler knives. Get started on your wood carving hobby with this high quality set of tools and supplies! These are the same ones we use in our Wooden Spoon Carving Workshop.

spoon carving knife

Get some Green Honing Compound for stropping. You’ll strop regularly to maintain the edges of your tools. Just rub the compound into the same flat surface and dowel you’re using to support the sandpaper. One stick of compound will last approximately until the heat death of the universe. It’s basically a meme that spoon carvers don’t use sandpaper.

Spoon Bowl Kuksa Carving Hook Knife With Double Sided Sharpening 35mm Stryi