Amritsar Medical College Alumni Association (AMCAA)

Government Medical College Amritsar has formed a local alumni association called Amritsar Medical College Alumni Association (AMCAA).

The Association was registered in May 2000 and the Governing council was constituted comprising of following members under the Chairmanship of Dr.B.L.Goyal; Dr. Inderjit Singh Shergill, Dr. Prem Arora, Dr. Sudarshan Aggarwal, Dr. Kirpal Kaur, Dr. Hardas Singh, Dr. Santokh Singh, Dr. A S Padda, Dr. Amrik Singh Multani, Dr. Neeti Rajan Singh, Dr. Amrik Singh Arora, Dr. Bhupinder Singh , Dr. Rakesh Bharti , Dr. P. Sareen and Dr. Samir Rai.

At present the life membership of AMCAA stands at more than 550 members. AMCAA has succesfully held CMEs and Conferences and has established itself as the main body of Alumni of the College.

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Amritsar Medical and Dental Alumni Association of North America (AMDAANA)

AMDAANA was founded on October 27, 1979 with two major objectives:

  • To develop camaraderie and networking amongst alumni of Government Medical and Dental Colleges, Amritsar, Punjab India, residing in North America.
  • To enrich education, and through education, patient care at our almamater.

All alumni of these colleges residing in North America are potential members. There is a mailing list of over 800 with over 250 life members.

AMDAANA has initiated a concerted effort to help its alma maters since the year 2003. A task force named AMDAANA Task Force for liaison with Government Medical and Dental Colleges, Amritsar India (AMDAANA TF II) has been formed to develop this initiative. It has been named AMDAANA Amritsar Project with a primary mission to enhance education and patient care at these institutions.

Other Alumni Groups

Besides AMDAANA in USA, UK has an alumni association named ADA, many cities like Delhi and Chandigarh have an alumni association named AMCOL. There are plans to develop a worldwide GMCA alumni network.

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