Turtle Wooden Sculpture

turtle wood carving statues are available in both handmade as well as machine-made products depending on your preference with the aid of 3D printing designs. Jempinis and Benalu Wood Sea Turtle Figurine from Bali, “Swimming Turtle” $ 29.99 Displayed atop a benalu wood fragment, a majestic sea turtle swims through ocean waters. Balinese artisan Yudi Suardi diligently hand-carves this sea turtle figurine from jempinis wood that displays a beautiful natural grain. The benalu wood fragment will vary greatly in size, shape, and color. This free wood carving project is taught by Lora Irish, artist of Art Designs Studio. For this turtle we will use a multi-colored pale primer with darker dry brushed colors.

picture Credit Robert Timoney/Alamy/Stock/Image.UK.23rd May 2020.Tree carving of sea turtle seen in Bristol on Alma Road. picture Credit Robert Timoney/Alamy/Stock/Image. Wood is such a material that makes for an excellent medium for artists in Bali to express their https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/gallery/turtle-wood-carving-projects/ creativity. Wood carvings or Bali wood carvings as well as Bali wooden carvings or Bali carvings have a remarkable history and are known for its unique design and pattern. This hand crafted wood and glass bead turtle has the most beautiful designs I have ever seen.

Bulk quantity and wholesale pricing. Raffia jute straw and waterhyacinth home decor from Indonesia. Wide range of plant pot belly baskets, boxes, place mats, coasters and other kitchen utensil made of organic natural fiber direct from factory in Java Indonesia. Woven banana leaf and bark laundry hampers, rugs and mats made of natural grass and fibers combined with sea shells. Hand weave by skill craftsmen and craftswomen in Java and Bali Indonesia.

Wooden Sea Turtle

This hand carved and hand painted wooden Sea Turtle would make the perfect accent piece in your coastal decor home. The sea turtle can be displayed flat on a table, desk or shelf. If you prefer wall mounting, the sea turtle has a flat hook on the back so it can be hung beautifully onto your wall.

Many buildings like government offices, schools and shops are also very well-known for their meticulously done wood carvings and sculptures of various animal figures. Wooden carvings are very popular and have a flourishing industry in Bali. Ubud, Gianyar is the world famous for the Bali wood carvings and Bali wooden carvings. The carved sculptures of gods and goddesses, animals, figurines, etc are the most popular.

turtle wood carving

Even abstract wood carvings or theme-based wooden carvings are the trends in contemporary art of wood carvings. For art lovers who are interested in purchasing priceless Bali wooden carvings and wholesale wood carvings, our online shop is the right place to be in. Bali temples are also very well known with its wood carvings on its roofing and decorations. Houses here have a family temple either big or small with wooden carvings and intricate patterns and designs.

It is carved out of a solid piece of Monkey Pod wood. The turtle measures 15 inches long by 10″ wide. All wooden material has been dried enough to make sure the good quality of our wood carving products. These turtles wood carving are made from professional craftsman located in some villages in Bali Island. For the material of these turtles wood carvings, we are normally using Suar wood , Crocodile wood, Waru wood, Sono wood and Hibiscus wood. Bali is famous for its distinct style of wood carvings or wooden carvings that were partly influenced by foreign tradition and mostly by local traditions.


Its beauty of Bali wood carvings will amaze and delight you. Hand-Carved Ocean Turtle Jempinis Wood Tree Sculpture, “Turtle Current” $ 49.99$ 44.99 A graceful sea turtle rides the ocean current in this beautiful sculpture by Bali’s Yudi Suardi. The majestic sea creature is hand-carved from jempinis wood with a skillful hand.

We will contact our white glove shipping company for a quote and quickly get back to you. We just need your shipping address, including zip code to obtain a shipping quote. Teak wood kitchen utensils from Indonesia. Various kitchen tools and utensils made of teak wood. Teak wood cutlery direct from craftsmen in Java Indonesia.

Browse also our catalog of bamboo wood duck carvings from Indonesia. All direct from factory in Indonesia. Registered export company located in Bali and Java Indonesia. Hand-carved wooden tiki carvings, totems, and https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ statues by artist Hailame Lavaka. Kohala Coast, Hawaii.Hand-carved wooden tiki carvings, totems, and statues by artist Hailame Lavaka. UK.23rd May 2020.Tree carving of sea turtle seen in Bristol on Alma Road.

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  • Houses here have a family temple either big or small with wooden carvings and intricate patterns and designs.
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  • Bulk quantity and wholesale pricing.

This large, nicely detailed hand carved Hawaiian Sea Turtle will add a dramatic touch to your tropical decor. Measures about 12″ long x 8″ wide x 3-1/2″ tall. Exact details will vary slightly. Made from exotic Suar wood , a type of mahogany. We accept custom Bali wood carvings, wholesale wood carvings, Bali carvings, wooden carvings, wholesale wooden carvings and other special request are widely welcome. Our turtle wood carvings range from various Turtle wood carvings. Today, most of the wooden carvings have innovative patterns and figurines and is not just restricted to deities and mythology.

Eco friendly kitchen accessories and bins baskets made using traditional tools to decorate your home and kitchen. Contact us using our inquiry form to receive catalog and pricing. The iStock design is a trademark of iStockphoto LP. Browse millions of high-quality stock photos, illustrations, and videos. Manufacture of a small turtle carved in oak, fast and simple enough to implement. No need big machines and gouges a coping saw enough.

turtle wood carving

Figurine of a turtle carved from wood.Wooden turtle figurine isolated on white background. Figurine of a turtle carved from wood. Balinese wood carvers are extremely talented and produce thousands of hand carved wood carving patterns turtle Bali wood carvings, wooden carvings and Bali carvings items for the tourism industry. Bali wood carvings are finished in natural wood tones or hand painted with intricate details and dazzling colors.

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